Questions to wonder about.

16 Mar 2024

By Sehaj

"what is that?"


  1. Where would you want to be when AGI comes?
  2. Where would you want to be when the industrialisation of mars starts? (1)
  3. Do “you” like it or millions of years of evolution makes you like it?
  4. Our civilisation has done more progress in the last 200 years than all of previous years combined. Why? (1) (2)
  5. If a person is viewing your (and everyone’s) life from universe’s perspective, what would he say about yours?
  6. Does suffering provide a medium for developing “open mindedness” via elements of escapism? Does it force us to look life from different views and angles, to find better ways? If yes, how to replicate that efficacy without going through it?
  7. Have you considered the possibility that only you’re conscious?
  8. What is your place in the universe considering a. cosmic humility b. societal conditioning c. illusion of self d. evolution’s guidance? (1)
  9. Are you one of those guiding humanity towards increasing progress via definite optimism, or those who straddle along to support the former via indefinite optimism? (Pessimism is evil, so out of the question)
  10. Is it objective (nature) or games created by humans?
  11. Are you able to understand greg egan’s works?